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Hothome (Ningbo) Textiles Factory Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Hothome have produced household textiles&holiday textiles gifts since 1995. We have a modern standard producing workshop of textiles & flag with 220 employees, a Heat-transfer Print workshop with five heat-transfer print machine and a Embroidered workshop with four controled-computer embroider machines. We have imported CAD Drawning System for the craft.Our manufacturing & exporting items have:Homehold textiles series: apron, oven mitt, napkin, placemat, tablecloth, runner, coaster, pot holder, bread holder, chef hat, mail bag, hanging cabinet, cheer bag, wine bag, carrying bag, gifts bag, organiza bag, silk bag, no-woven cloth bag, shopping bag, wash bag, laundry bag, etc.Tour&Hotel textiles: hotel textiles, picnic rug, beach mat, dust cover, car cover, sun shade, etc.Textiles craftwork: flag and banner, windsock, twister, bellpull, pillow, door mat, sheer bag, organza bag, satin bag etc.Our OEM producing label for the kitchen textiles:Better-Home Cypress-Home Cowboys HD Dollar-TreeCool-BuysOur OEM producing label for the textiles craft:Two groups Pommim Desnil.We can supply various goods depending on the request of clients.
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