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NanJing FanYao Import & Export Trade Corp.

NanJing FanYao Import & Export Trade Corp. is situated in Stone City with more than 2400 years-Nanjing located in Yangtze River Delta and adjacent to Shanghai, where six ancient emperors established their capitals in the old times.Our company specializes in Yun Brocade series products reputed as "Chinese Rarity and East Gem", which mainly include 200 varieties such as clothing fabrics, ties, handbags, hanging panels, gifts and so on. Among these varieties, hanging panels and hanging shafts decorated with the Twelve Animals Specially for Chinese Birth, Peking Opera Physiognomy Music, Pure Gold Dragon Gown and a variety of color display elegant atmosphere with primitive simplicity when hung on walls, making the room resplendent and magnificent. Owing to their gorgeous color and unique shape, Yun Brocade ties attract numerous men's favors. Bride cheongsams made of Yun Brocade are full of florid and dazzling colors, embleming a festival. Yun Brocade products seize a multitude of markets both at home and abroad.
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