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Sunlit Paper & Plastic Products (China) Co., Limited

Sunlit (China) is a professional manufacturer of media packaging & storage products, which are categorized with pp dvd case, ps jewel cd case, pp cake box (spindle case), audio/video cassette, pp library case, cd-r/rw, etc.With years of development, we are committed to providing the products in both good quality and competitive price, which is well known as our sales advantage in the global market.Located in Shantou, the biggest coastal city of southeast Guangdong Province of China, we enjoy very handy transportation facilities in order to ensure every delivery of our OEM and ODM orders from the worldwide to be just-in time. "Quality Service and Sincere Credit Standing" is our managing philosophy to all valued customers.We are still working on perfecting ourself in all aspects so as to better serve our esteemed customers to the greatest extent.Main products:1. DVD Case Series:The below-mentioned dvd cases are all made from PP (polypropylene), which can be produced in different colors according to customers' requirements.Auto-pack dvd case (automated dvd case or machineable dvd case) single capacity 14. 7mms thick can run through dvd packaging machines branded like Heino Ilsemann, Gima, Kyoto, etc.Single dvd case and double dvd case ranges from 14mms, 9mms to 7mms in thickness. Mini double dvd from 14mms, 9mms to 7mms in thickness.Multiple dvd case as more as 3/4 discs in 14mms thick, 5/6/7/8 discs in 27mms thick and 9/10 discs in 33mms thick.2. CD Case Series:The below-mentioned cd cases are made from PS (polystyrene) or PP (polypropylene), which can be produced in different colors according to customers' requirements.Jewel single cd case and double case consists of three sizes, 10mms, 7mms and 5. 2mms.Multiple cd case as more as 3/4/5/6 discs in 25mms thick.PP cd case consists consists of three sizes, 14mms, 10mms and 7mms.3. Cake Box (Spindle Case) Series:PP Cake Box is composed of 10/25/50/100 capacity in total.
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