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Prosoft Co., Ltd.

Prosoft which is a leading global provider of "One Stop" solution services in the media industry, especially in integrated, value-added outsourcing and customized manufacturing. We offer comprehensive services includings design, replication, packaging, kitting/assembly, call center, CRM and fulfillment programs.Our wide range of items include media packing such as CD replication, DVD replication, DVD Case, CD Case, CD Paper Sleeves, Cardboard Mailers. We also offer full optical disk production services, and marketing projects such as manuals, booklets, and inserts.Our company has over 300 skilled employees and professional technicians. We use state of the art technology and practice high quality control in every stage of the production process. With the commitment and dedication of our team, we have a proven track record in servicing many leading consumer PC brands such as Dell and entertainment companies.We are committed to ensure that the intellectual property rights of our customers are fully protected.Let us assist you in meeting your CDs/DVDs kit needs and enjoy a great customer experience with Prosoft.
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